Curated magazine for devRant.

Poorly executed product for @Alice, @CozyPlanes and many other devRant users.
Solution towards the fragile and volatile nature of devRant's rants.


My quick and semi-ugly solution to save amazing rants and comments forever and more organized.

What it is and it will be:

  • archive of rants and comments from devrant that I found very good
  • the original ranters will be informed when their rants are archived
  • the original ranters and/or the management team of devRant has the right to request the archive content's total deletion
  • every single thing on there will be accessible by anyone anytime anywhere (as log as server is healthy)
  • open-source

What it may become:

  • anyone can register and save their archive
  • dev content archive from other sources
  • dev articles blog

What it will never have/be:

  • any form of payment
  • ads
  • tracking (I don't even wanna know how many users are viewing)
  • non dev related content
  • devRant

I'm willing to create user accounts for anyone interested in very near future. So please buzz me here if you want one.

So far it's a website of Laravel + Voyager + bulma with very minimal custom codes (I had to write below 100 lines of code in total). It is on Vultr server.

I'm gonna maintain and update as much as I can on my spare time. Hence I don't consider this as a collab. However, any contribution is gladly welcome. 😄

You can check the code @ GitLab Repository



I have created a milestone on GitLab.