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I still remember that I didn't laugh that much because of a parody song in my entire life.


Oudalally's Silence

Hello DevRant my old friend
I’ve come to moan to you again
Cause the server that I’m re-building
Just won’t boot and I keep on swearing
And the fans spin as though the CPU runs hot…
Except it’s not…..
I think I Hate….. this server

And in the manual I can’t glean
What all the BIOS beep codes mean
It might that the CMOS battery’s flat
But it’s brand new so I don’t think it’s that
I’ve ordered RAM and disks, so I must stay resolute
I’ll make it boot!
Oh yes, I hate….. this server!!!

Still there’s nothing on the screen
But on inspection I have seen
That a stick of RAM is likely shot
A bit of copper snapped off in the slot
With my tweezers, I removed the splintered piece
The beeping ceased
I might have fixed…. the server…..

(At this point, I was asked if the server was new)
No, the server isn't new
I'm pretty skint so must make do
With an end of line or second hand
I'm sure that most of you can understand
As it's not for work, then I sadly can't expense...
No recompense
Hence why I'll fix.... this server

Now the RAM is all back in
The fans aren’t making such a din
The OS disk is in the top-most bay
To keep the rest free for the RAID array
But the SATA cable, won’t quite reach the port
It’s far too short
I think I need….. another

Now I’m glad I didn’t sell
My old and long forgotten Dell
It’s rather battered and it looks quite rough
But has a SATA cable long enough
With the cable connected, the drive is working fine
‘bout bloody time!!!
Now to install…. some software!

(At this point, the following was posted: “This is even better if you imagine it not to the tune of the Disturbed version, but to the much older Simon and Garfunkel one :joy:”)

The decision has been made
Solaris doesn’t make the grade
It’s too hard to install from USB
So first I’m testing out FreeBSD
As a sideline, the Disturbed cover of this song
Is really wrong
It just sounds far too whiney!

Just when I think it’s going well
I find my self cast back to hell
The installer crashed, the screen went black
Hit some keys but it just won’t come back
In my frustration, I could beg and wish and plead
Pull out the lead
And now the fans…. are silent