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I admit that I will most likely share any long rants towards mosquitoes without hesitation. I FUCKING HATE THEM TOO. #EradicateMosquitoes


Some things about Mosquitoes

I have the urge to fucking smash all of the mosquitoes on the whole universe.

I tried to sleep many times after killing 2 of them. But there are still more of them. Anyways, "since I am fully awake, let us do some research" I thought lol.


-In the research I found that only the female mosquitoes are the ones who are annoying us.

The male mosquitoes dislike drinking blood and eat nectar instead.


And not only that...

-There are approximately 3.5k types of mosquitoes and only a few hundred of these are the bad guys, even if they look all the same.

-Human-biting mosquitoes fly at heights of less than 25 feet in general.

-Mosquitoes are hunting us, because of a specific substance. Carbon dioxide. Every time we exhale CO2, we kind of create a path for the mosquitoes to find us :). They think about it like this:

>co2 detected

>there is probably going to be a meal

>let us fucking get it

-Female mosquitoes flap their Wings slower than male mosquitoes thus it makes it easier for male mosquitoes to detect female mosquitoes.

-Male mosq. do not touch female mosq., when they are resting, but once a female starts buzzing the male recognizes that pattern, flies to her and starts making love.

- A scientist who was working for the US Army found out that the male mosq. will even try to mate with recordings of female mosquitoes' sounds.

-They can not fly until the 10th floor as someone has observed it.

-But then again they have been found breeding up to 8k feet in the Himalayas.

-They live in the water and barely come to the surface for food and o2.


Ps: While I was writing this rant, another 2 mosquitoes bit me and I fucking killed them.